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© 2019 by Ela Sol

Ela Sol is a passion project in every sense. 


'As a couple, we spend plenty of time together, and since we both have always been very into music, it was just a matter of time before starting our own project. When we're not making out, we're making music.'

Ela - was born in Hamburg, Germany, but wound up in Timisoara where she graduated from the University of Music and Theater. It was there she met a lot of talented musicians, fell in love with Jazz music, and since then, collaborated in various projects. 


Sol - was born in California, USA, but wound up in Timisoara a bit earlier than Ela. He studied percussion for over 12 years and participated in different projects and ensembles. 

Fate brought them together in 2014 in Timisoara. They fell in love and toured around the Netherlands in 2015 with Cadenza European Art Productions, playing in Kumka – The Transylvanian Percussion Ensemble. 

'Throughout the years we worked slowly but surely on our own songs, while simultaneously performing in some local events.' 

In 2018 they appeared on “Romanians Got Talent” where they approached a jazz cover of a hip-hop hit and made it their own version by using a cajon and looped keys. The jury said: “It’s the kind of artistic act which we've been waiting to see blossom in Romania.”

Through their music, they both found a way to cope with everything that's going on in their lives. 


'We're trying to capture our internal experiences of life in our songs, the beautiful ones as well as the tough moments. The pain of ending a relationship, the rare experiences of truly feeling alive and general confusion and anxieties about what we're doing on this planet.' 

In May 2019 they released their first single 'Deeper', an alternative-pop song that talks about the struggles of escaping a toxic relationship.  


'We worked with a couple of awesome, creative minds, such as Steve Brookfield, who's a British composer, producer, and overall musical sound engineer wizard, and with our close friend Alex Corlan, one of the top bass players in Romania. Lucian David helped us with the visual adaptation of our single. We had a lot of help from friends and family, and are humble and thankful to everyone who helped us with this project.' 


They are now working on their first EP. 

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